Monday, November 11, 2013

Altoona Senior Portrait Photographer - Know your roots!

    When I started my photography journey back in Altoona, PA, I was really interested in the senior portrait business.  Senior portraits allowed me to flex my creative muscles (for those that know me, my creative muscles are thankfully bigger than my real muscles) while creating a work of art for a high school senior and their family.  Since making the shift to wedding photography, I haven't really had many chances to shoot high school senior portraits but sometimes you just have to KNOW YOUR ROOTS!  I got back to my roots in a big way with Carter's session.

    Carter is a Claysburg-Kimmel senior  He plays both basketball and football but certainly is more charming than any sports star I've ever seen.  I remember the first time I told him "Ok, lets see a smile."  I was blown away by the soft but strong smile he let shine through.  With senior portraits, I try to offer two distinct sections within a session.  I call them "the shots your family will love" and "the shots you will love and no one else was expecting".  These were certainly the case with Carter's session.  When I was talking to Carter and his mother about the shots they wanted, neither of them imagined the images I had in my mind when I suggested we go into downtown Altoona.  Carter quickly got the idea after showing him just one shot on the back of my camera though.  His dark suit looked great in contrast with the grungy and spray painted downtown Altoona area.

If you are interested in Reighard Photography giving you awesome images like these for your senior portraits, head on over to my website at and contact me there or find me on facebook at ReighardPhotography.

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