Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Importance of Printing

    Have you had the pleasure of viewing pictures from your parents wedding day or smiled at that nostalgic feeling you got while viewing just one image from your grandparent's wedding?  The way we perceive and appreciate photography has changed drastically with the advent of digital imagery.  In my opinion, it isn't a good change and here is why.

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    One of the things I stress to couples when discussing wedding photography is the importance of printed imagery.  Sure, I agree, it seems nice to receive a ton of pictures from your wedding day.  After all, the more the merrier, right?  Lets take this scenario.  Your wedding photographer gives you 30 pictures from your 2 minute long Father and Daughter dance.  They are all nice, high quality images.  However, there is one that is perfect.  Dad's eyes are about to be overwhelmed with emotion.  One can see every loving memory of his little girl flashing through his mind.  The bride, with her lips pressed tightly together, has already been overcome by her feelings, evidenced by the thin dried tear stains criss crossing her cheeks.  This is THE image that encompasses all of the feelings and emotion contained within that short song.  Now, toss it into the middle of 29 other pictures.  It no longer becomes as emotional.  It becomes easy to gloss over as "a good one".  You spend 10-15 seconds looking at all of them instead of a few minutes reliving your feelings through that one perfect image.  Quantity starts to dilute the quality! 

Do I only give you one picture from each of your wedding moments?  Of course not.  However, I certainly don't give you each and every single one.  All of this is reflected in my wedding package.  Every wedding couple receives a custom wedding album.  I specifically design the album with an emphasis on telling the complete story of the wedding day through a variety of images and page layouts.  Besides, the CD in the frame really doesnt have the same effect.  Here are a few "moments" that tell a lifetime's worth of stories.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Maryland Wedding Photography - Wedding Details

I was never a little girl.  Well, except that one time when a giant Cicada Killer Wasp tried to eat me, but I digress.  As a wedding photographer, I get to talk to bride's families a lot and a phrase I often hear is "She has been dreaming of this day ever since she was a little girl".  Well, I certainly can't imagine what extravagant details these little girls thought up at such a young age, but I can see how they come to fruition as an adult.  Wedding details are one of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer.  These details are where the couple's personalities get to shine through.  Sometimes the details even tell a unique story about the couple like with the luggage tag favors pictured below.  That couple was moving out of the country the very day after their wedding!  That is one heck of a story.

Is your wedding day going to be a fairytale with whimsical and airy details or are you more of a classic black tie affair couple?  Either way, I would love to be given the chance to document your details through photography so you can retell your story over and over.  Remember, Reighard Photography services the entire Washington DC area as well as the Altoona, PA area.  Visit my website,, for more details and booking information.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Library of Congress Washington DC Maternity Photography Session

It may be a small change from wedding photography but who wouldn't jump at the chance to photograph INSIDE the Washington, DC Library of Congress?  Add the fact that the subject happens to be a librarian herself, and the excitement builds.  Insert one baby belly and I can barely stay in my seat.  Add that both her and her husband dressed to match the fancy decor and I AM OUT OF MY CHAIR, HOPPING UP AND DOWN LIKE A THREE YEAR OLD WHO JUST HEARD THE ICE CREAM TRUCK BELL, EXCITED!  It was a gorgeous day with an even more gorgeous mom to be.  We spent the first half of our session on the well groomed lawn between the Capitol Building and the Library of Congress.  Next, we headed inside and did out best to dodge the crowds and even gathered a few small groups of onlookers.  The lighting near the large windows was excellent and really made for some cool moody black and white images.  Check out the happy and expecting couple below.  For more information, head over to

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Library of Congrass Photo session, Man and pregnant woman inside Library of Congress

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